Hammer Award

The hammer award will be given to the gold medal winner of an event IF their time is faster than the standing hammer time record for the Atlanta Erg Sprints. 

Event Year Time Name Affiliation
Women: 30-39
2016 7:07.6 Jordan Falcone   Crossfit Weddington
Women: 40-49
20177:36.9Jen Baker      
Asheville Rowing Club
Women: 50-59
20187:39.1Siobhan DuffLookout Rowing Club
Women: 60 and up    
Pat Coyle
Atlanta Rowing Club
Men: 30-39 2011 6:16.8 Jordan Smith
Atlanta Rowing Club
Men: 40-49 2009 6:17.8 Curt Browder
Georgia Tech
Men: 50-59 2014 6:31.4 Charlie Brown Potomac Boat Club
Men: 60 and up20146:54.4Jim Grattan
Junior Novice Women 20177:39.1Brianna BrysaczSt. Andrews Rowing Club
Junior Novice Men         2008
6:33.7Derek WardAugusta Junior Rowing Club
Junior Women 2004 7:17.5 Bridget Fowler St. Andrews Rowing Club
Junior Men 2011 6:17.5 Stephen Podwojski St. Andrews Rowing Club
Junior Lightweight Women20177:43.1Clara Warmath Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
Junior Lightweight Men20176:36.9Ada Dildar Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
Junior Coxswain Women: 1K 2008 4:05.6 Tara Morgan Augusta Junior Rowing Club
Junior Coxswain Men: 1K  
20133:36.9Mikey BarryRevolution Junior Rowing
Jr. Coach Women: 500m (event canceled in 2011)
2008 1:43.5 Anna DeBanna Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
Jr. Coach Men: 500m
(event canceled in 2011)
2009 1:24.7 Ty Tucker
Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
1000m dash: Women
20163:23.8Jordan Falcone    CrossFit Weddington
1000m dash: Men
20162:54.0Garnett Pollock
Dark Horse Rowing
Novice Women 2018 7:18.1 Morgan Stewart Greenville Indoor Rowing Club
Novice Men 2017 6:15.3 Dylan Boyle
Greenville Indoor Rowing Club
Lightweight Women 20127:23.0Julia Ost
Lightweight Men 20116:18.7Andrew Atwell
Greenville Indoor Rowing Club
Open Women 2013 7:08.7 Samantha Casto Unaffiliated
Open Men 2017 6:03.4 Marc Larvie  Georgia Tech
Coxswain Women: 1K 2016 3:50.8 Vanessa Felso Atlanta Rowing Club
Coxswain Men: 1K 2009 3:26.9 Tom Lawler
500m dash: Women
2013 1:36.5 Amy Krueger
CrossFIt East Decatur
500m dash: Men
2017 1:17.7 Brandon Cunningham Rowbot Fitness
Boys age 13 and under20163:40.5Aiden RiseySt. Andrews Rowing Club
Girls age 13 and under20153:53.6Lily BookerRowbot Fitness