Erg Sales

Purchase the C2 Model D with PM5 monitor with a savings of over $100! 

Purchase your very own Concept 2 Model D erg with a PM5 monitor from the Atlanta Erg Sprints. We offer savings of over $100.

The Model D Indoor Rower with a PM5 monitor has a retail price of $900 plus tax and ~$45 for shipping. Through a partnership with Concept2, the Atlanta Erg Sprints can offer the Concept2 Model D, PM5 Indoor Rowing Machine for $915 inclusive. You pick up your Model D immediately after the conclusion of the event. If you wish for it to be shipped, an additional cost will be calculated based on your zip code. 

Ordering your erg:
  • Please fill out the order form.  You will receive an email confirmation once we accept your order.
  • Checks are payable to "GTCA Affinity Group."
  • Available for pick-up after the races on the day of the event. Races are typically over at 5:30 pm. The schedule will be finalized the week before the race.  Alternatively, you may pay for immediate shipment after the event.
  • We can accommodate a guaranteed order up to Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. 
  • After February 2nd, if any ergs are left for sale (ergs have sold out before race day since 2004), they will be the Model D erg with PM5 monitor.

2020 pricing:

Indoor Rower
AES Price
Retail Price
Model D + PM5
$915 $900 + Shipping (~$45) + 8.9% Tax = $1030
Model E + PM5 $1130 $1100 + Shipping (~$60) + 8.9% Tax = 1,263.24

  • Manuals and tools included by the manufacturer.
  • Full Concept 2 warranty

For more information on indoor rowing machines and other accessories available for individual sale, please visit the Concept2.

In the offseason, you can fill out our:
 Get Notified form and we'll let you know if any come up for sale or when the next year's erg sales open.